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about usWe are your connection to the lenders that say yes to you. Our founder is a former CPA who has turned his focus to finding the commercial loans that businesses like yours across the nation rely on. We work with any type of business and any type of credit. We are commercial loan experts.


To create a different thinking process in commercial lending!


To assist the client in obtaining the financing they need that allows them to achieve their goals and mission!


Ron Hertenstein

Ron’s experience in business development and administration began during his years at Indiana University, from which he graduated in 1975. He started his business career as a CPA with a large CPA firm, followed by his own two office firm. He progressed into the owner of a business brokerage firm starting in 1987. He sold that firm in 2000 and it is still an active company with its successor. He commenced commercial financing in 1996 as an outgrowth of the business brokerage company.

Melanie Fox

Melanie is our Marketing Associate. She has become our top producer in the marketing arena via email, phone and other efforts she has successfully run for Phoenix. A quality person who previously spent 20 years working tirelessly to help patients in the medical field, Melanie shows an authentic compassion and concern for our business clients and their continued success.

Scott Wade

Scott earned a Bachelor of Science in Business from Indiana University and worked in industrial sales and sales management for over 20 years. Along the way he owned a couple businesses, a small distributorship and a franchise business. He has been working since July of 2014 as Business Broker and has recently joined the Phoenix Commercial Finance team as a Commercial Loan Advisor, serving the northern Indiana market.

John Ginther

John is our Commercial Associate. He is the foot soldier of the group. He spends countless hours seeking the customer within northwest Ohio region by simply “pounding the pavement” for the deals. His background in delivery work for UPS and multiple sales companies brings that motivation to just keep going.

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